Entrepreneur Support

Within Advantage Valley there are a number of programs and services designed to aid and assist entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Advantage Valley Business/Entrepreneur Coaching Program
Advantage Valley has a full-time business/entrepreneur coach who is available to assist high-growth entrepreneurs and small business owners, particularly those who are identified to have the potential for high-growth.  These may include start-ups, recently formed companies or established small businesses seeking to expand, diversify or attract new capital investment.  Click to learn more.

    Contact Bryan M. Shaw, MBA, Business Coach - Bryan.M.Shaw@wv.gov or (888) 982 -7232 www.wvsbdc.org

Other Programs

WV Dept. of Commerce/Small Business Development Center




Marshall University Research Corp.

Charleston Area Alliance - GROW

Huntington Entrepeneurs' Cafe

Chemical Alliance Zone/ChemCeption