Maker to Manufacturer Webinar Scheduled

Submitted by marjorie on Fri, 09/11/2020 - 12:17

Maker to Manufacturer Webinar scheduled for November 5th at 6 pm

Advantage Valley will partner with RCBI to develop an hour-long FASTER WV webinar providing valuable information and resources to new entrepreneurs who have a product idea to manufacture or to the entrepreneur that wants to scale up their current manufacturing business.

Are you an entrepreneur with an idea, an early-stage inventor or innovator, a grass-roots startup, a crafts-person, or an artisan?  Do you make something with your hands?  Do you want to manufacture a gadget or a widget?  Are you ready to prototype your idea?  Could you benefit from business basics and resources to help you move from idea to implementation, from concept to customer sales?  If so, this is the free, educational webinar for you.  Learn about local resources to assist you along your entrepreneurial journey.

Advantage Valley is working in the region to build a stronger culture of entrepreneurship, providing small business owners with access to business coaching, entrepreneurship classes, and access to capital. The FASTER WV program helps boost entrepreneurial startups and expansions in targeted emerging sectors, one of which is small manufacturing.

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