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Quick Facts

Here are some key facts about Advantage Valley:

  • Advantage Valley is a multi-county region....encompassing the MSAs of Huntington, W.Va. and Charleston, W.Va.
  • The region has a population base of about 600,000, and the workforce numbers nearly 200,000 persons.
  • There are four major colleges and universities in the region, as well as a number of community/technical colleges and award-winning school systems.
  • Advantage Valley is a regional hub for business, banking, health care, retailing and recreation....as well as higher education.
  • The region has a long history as being a leading center for several key industries: energy (coal, natural gas, electric generation), chemicals, manufacturing, banking, retailing.


  • Advantage Valley is a transportation hub....with three Interstate highways systems, two airports, major rail lines (CSX and Norfolk Southern), navigable rivers and river and intermodal ports.
  • Thanks to its terrain, topography and natural setting, the region provides a wide range of convenient outdoor activities -- hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, golf, tennis, kayaking, boating, etc. Nearby are world-class whitewater rivers and one of the largest ATV trail systems in the nation.

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