Advantage Valley lies in the heart of the eastern United States -- and encompasses a population base of roughly 650,000 people in two Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA): Charleston, WV and Huntington, WV, Ashland, KY, and Lawrence County, OH . This multi-county region has opportunities for businesses of many sizes…from Fortune 100 companies to middle manufacturers to small businesses to start-up enterprises. 

Employers, community leaders and government officials in Advantage Valley are united in showcasing the region’s business assets, skilled workforce, unique culture and rich quality of life. Other Advantage Valley assets include its affordable and abundant supplies of local energy (electricity, natural gas, coal, etc.) and rich history as a center for energy, chemicals, manufacturing, research and transportation.

Advantage Valley is located in the center of the nation’s eastern energy industry, which includes the prolific Marcellus/Utica natural gas shale zones, abundant Appalachian coal seams and numerous major electric power generation stations.  Moreover, the rapid growth of production from the ethane-rich Marcellus and Utica natural gas formations will provide a local, abundant feedstock for the region’s well-developed chemical, petrochemical and plastics industries.  National groups, such as the American Chemistry Council and the National Association of Manufacturers, forecast that the region’s vast ethane supplies will revitalize and lead to a rebirth of the U.S. chemical manufacturing industry.

Advantage Valley also has leading health care facilities, nationally recognized schools, four major institutions of higher education, and an extensive public and state park system.  For those who love nature and the outdoors, the region provides a wide range of convenient activities -- hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, golf, tennis, kayaking, boating, etc.  Nearby are world-class whitewater rivers and one of the largest ATV trail systems in the nation.

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Advantage Valley is a regional marketing and strategic initiative organization that aims to foster and facilitate regional growth and advancement opportunities for businesses, communities and residents in the Charleston-Huntington MSAs. 

Under the umbrella of Advantage Valley, the region's local business community, government leaders, development groups and others work to assist in:

  • Nurturing greater cooperation and resource-collaboration among and within the region;
  • Assisting in positioning the region’s business strengths and quality-of-life assets, particularly in energy, manufacturing, chemicals, advanced materials, financial services, health care, transportation, recreation, tourism and communications;
  • Providing supportive services to the region’s economic and business development efforts and organizations;
  • Promoting educational achievement and lifelong learning at all levels, and working to ensure workforce training programs align with the region’s business needs;
  • Fostering and spearheading strategic initiatives for the region; and
  • Championing a culture and supporting efforts that will enable and sustain entrepreneurial activities and business diversity.


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