Dr. Joshua Morgan, the visionary owner of Back to Life Chiropractic, stands as a supreme example of entrepreneurial success thanks to his grit and the support of Advantage Valley’s FASTER WV program. Dr. Morgan’s clinic, Back 2 Life Chiropractic, is not just a place of healing but a sanctuary where individualized care meets innovation. From pregnant women to infants, athletes to seniors, Dr. Morgan’s clinic caters to all, embodying a commitment to holistic wellness.

In a state once ravaged by the opioid epidemic, Dr. Morgan recognized the urgent need for alternative solutions to pain management and healthcare. With recent research highlighting the unnecessary interventions experienced by 90% of pregnant women, Dr. Morgan saw an opportunity to shift towards chiropractic care as a safer and more effective option. Armed with a personal mission forged through his wife’s pregnancy journey, he delved into specialized techniques like the Webster technique and joined the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. His dedication to providing safe, effective care became his guiding principle.

Driven by a sense of duty to his hometown of South Charleston, Dr. Morgan’s vision extended beyond his clinic’s walls. His strategic marketing approach, coupled with a prime location, ensured accessibility and visibility for all community members. With a keen eye for growth, Dr. Morgan sought funding through the FASTER WV program, securing a $25,000 loan to upgrade equipment, expand marketing efforts, and add a massage therapist to further enhance patient care. Dr. Morgan’s foresight and strategic planning is paying off, with projections estimating a surge in patient visits and revenue.

Today, Dr. Joshua Morgan’s success story serves as a beacon of hope for other aspiring entrepreneurs in Advantage Valley. Through one-on-one business coaching support and an approved loan through the FASTER WV program, he not only realized his dream of owning a thriving chiropractic clinic but also championed a cause dear to his heart – providing life-changing care to his community. With Dr. Morgan at the helm, Back 2 Life Chiropractic continues to inspire, heal, and transform lives, one adjustment at a time.

Dr. Joshua Morgan DC