A Journey Ignited by Inspiration and Partnership

In the heart of Charleston, a new store for metaphysical enthusiasts has just celebrated its opening, thanks to the visionary entrepreneur Jacinta Johnson. The inception of Autumn Sky was not just a result of her vision; it was sparked by a serendipitous encounter at Charleston’s Sternwheel Regatta. Jacinta Johnson, owner Autumn Sky, discovered a tent where Advantage Valley’s FASTER WV program provided 7 small business clients the opportunity to sell their products and services, from baked goods, to bikes, to power washing! Jacinta was inspired by these small business owners and thought to herself, “Why not me, Why not now?”

Jacinta’s journey began with her passion for metaphysical and spiritual exploration. Recognizing a growing demand for high-quality, unique products in the Charleston community, she saw an opportunity to create something extraordinary. With her determination and passion, Jacinta founded Autumn Sky, a store that would not only meet the needs of seasoned spiritual seekers but also provide a welcoming space for those taking their first steps on the spiritual path.

With loads of talent and experience in the metaphysical realm, and notebooks full of business ideas, Jacinta connected with Bryan Shaw, Advantage Valley’s Director of Entrepreneurial Development, and together they navigated the complexities of entrepreneurship, turning Jacinta’s dream into reality. Under Bryan’s guidance, Jacinta crafted a business plan, a roadmap that would guide Autumn Sky towards success. After considering various financial options, Jacinta ultimately chose to apply for and successfully received a mini-grant through the FASTER WV program.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony this week marked a significant milestone for Autumn Sky, and during this celebratory moment, Jacinta expressed her gratitude, stating, “I would not be here today without Bryan’s help keeping me on track.” Bryan Shaw’s mentorship, coupled with Jacinta’s unwavering determination, transformed a small business idea into Charleston’s first metaphysical shop and resource center.

The new shop radiates good vibes, like its owner, and offers a wide range of metaphysical items, from crystals, candles, incense, tarot cards, to spiritual books and gifts. Autumn Sky’s book section covers topics such as meditation, astrology, runes, and shamanism. She curated books for practitioners at all levels, ensuring that beginners and advanced seekers can find valuable resources. The gift items, ranging from prayer beads to spiritual artwork and glassware, add a unique touch to the store’s cool inventory.

Jacinta envisions Autumn Sky to become more than just a store—she envisions it as a community hub for spiritual connection and growth. Autumn Sky’s success story is not just a testament to Jacinta Johnson’s entrepreneurial spirit but also to the power of partnerships and community support.

Visit Autumn Sky at 311 W Washington St, Charleston, WV 25302.

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