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West Virginia continues to lead the nation in COVID 19 vaccine distribution. CBS, CNBC, ABC, NPR, and FoxNews are all telling the same story.  West Virginia is winning the race to get COVID-19 Vaccine into arms!

WV is charting its own path for vaccinations.  WV was the only state not to sign on to the federal program partnering with large pharmacy chains to vaccinate long term care and assisted living facilities.  

WV took charge of delivering its vaccine supply to 250 pharmacies, most of them small, independent stores.  Officials also credit a 50-person command center at the state’s National Guard headquarters in the capital of Charleston.

WV delivered vaccine to health workers and completed a first round of shots at all its long-term care facilities. WV is now administering second doses and moving on to other populations, including people age 70 and over, and teachers who are 50 and older.

Resources for business in the region affected adversely by COVID.

The SBA updated documents January 20, 2021 providing information to potential PPP borrowers, both first and second draw borrowers. This information might be helpful as we know there are a lot of questions about how to calculate your loan.

First Draw PPP Loans:

Although much of the attention for the PPP program has focused on the second draw, the program is still available for first time borrowers. In fact, based on information in this document, the SBA has taken significant strides to create opportunities for new businesses formed in early 2020 to be able to take advantage of the PPP program. Specifically questions 10 and 11 in the aforementioned document provide guidance on how to calculate your potential loan amount.

Second Draw PPP Loans:

For those businesses that already secured a PPP loan in 2020, the SBA has opened the portal for second draw loans on January 13, 2021. This document provides detailed answers to questions about how to apply for funding and how to properly calculate your loan. I would encourage you to review this carefully as some of the parameters for how to calculate your loan eligibility may have changed since you applied for your first PPP loan. For example, I’ve talked with several businesses that are structured as a sole proprietor but they also have employees. Under the current terms of the program, you can apply for a PPP loan that is based off of the businesses net income and the average monthly payroll.  The second draw loans also feature a multiplier of 3.5 for accommodations and food services sector businesses. 

West Virginia Development Office Covid-19 Business Relief Resources 

PPP Loan Forgiveness Application Instructions, PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator Form & Application, PPP EZ Loan Forgiveness Application Instructions

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to the CARES Act 

Small Business Administration Economic Injury and Disaster Loan Program 

U.S. SBA Payment Protection ProgramPPP Application, Lender Finder

US Chamber of Commerce Foundation's Save Small Business Fund

Relaunch Toolkit for Restaurants + Bars

Truist - LISC Partnership offering Grants to Small Business

NCIF WV Emergency Relief Lending Program Overview: PDF Fact Sheet

NCIF WV Emergency Relief Lending Program Overview

Recording of NCIF Emergency Relief Webinar, presented on January 22, at 10 am

Recording of NCIF Emergency Relief Webinar, presented on January 22, at 3 pm