Opportunity Zones

Advantage Valley offers 13 Opportunity Zones for growing companies

Advantage Valley of West Virginia has many outstanding sites with a long list of advantages for growing companies. Within our region, you’ll find these 13 Opportunity Zones that provide special tax incentives that can reduce the cost of investing in new facilities.


Downtown Charleston

This 406-acre Opportunity Zone is located in the city’s Central Business District. Ideal for downtown housing and commercial and retail businesses, it’s streetscaped, pedestrian-oriented, and crisscrossed by many bus and trolley routes and bike trails. Daily vehicle counts reach 132,000, aided by 21 parking garages.

Warehouse District

The 406-acre commercial district sits between downtown and the Capital Complex. Perfect for housing and commercial and retail businesses, this Zone is anchored by Charleston Area Medical Center, the Appalachian Power Park baseball stadium, and the Plaza East Shopping Center.

West Side & Elk City

A historic district of walkable neighborhoods, this 214-acre Zone provides mixed-use commercial, retail, and residential opportunities.

Kanawha City

Home to the University of Charleston, Highland Hospital, government offices, and many retailers, this Zone is a 645-acre commercial/retail corridor with access to the Kanawha River and CSX rail.


East Downtown Riverfront/Marshall

Situated between a CSX rail line and the Ohio River, this mixed-use Zone provides riverfront opportunities near the Marshall University campus.

Downtown Huntington

Located in the heart of Huntington, this walkable neighborhood with dining, shopping, housing, entertainment, and more offers numerous large commercial and residential buildings that are ready for reinvestment.

West Huntington & Westmoreland

This mixed-use corridor with easy access to Huntington Tri-State Airport puts companies close to I-64, U.S. 60, a CSX mainline, and the Ohio River.

South Charleston

Spring Hill East and West

These Zones are situated along the Kanawha River, U.S. 60, and the Kanawha Turnpike. They provide a mix of commercial, retail, medical, and residential properties that are perfect for commercial infill, retail outparcel development, and residential development.

Boone County

Rock Creek Development Park

This Zone is master planned for large sites, smaller startups, a rail hub, and commercial development. It’s already home to a National Guard training facility, so it’s ideal for defense contractors. Plus, it offers access to rare earth elements that make it well-suited for advanced refining, big data servers, and research and development.

Jackson County

Jackson County Maritime & Industrial Park

Located on the Ohio River and WV 2 near I-77, this Zone is home to one of the largest rolled aluminum plants in the world. It’s ideal for polymer and chemical manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and medical uses. 

Jackson Crossing Business Park

Located on the Ohio River, this Zone encompasses six utility-served lots ranging from 7 to 61 acres.

Mason County

Apple Grove Industrial Park

With 1,370 acres on the Ohio River and a CSX rail line onsite, this utility-served Zone is ideal for polymer, petrochemical, and other downstream manufacturing.

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