Where is Advantage Valley?


Advantage Valley lies in the heart of the eastern United States and encompasses a population base of roughly 615,570 people in two Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA): Charleston, West Virginia and Huntington, West Virginia, Ashland, Kentucky, and Lawrence County, Ohio.

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Strategic Location

Advantage Valley is strategically located within a 500 mile/800 kilometer radius of half of the U.S. population and one-third of the Canadian market.

This prime location, equipped with a regional population of more than 615,570 people, also puts businesses within a day’s drive of supporting major markets, including those in New York City, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Atlanta, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

In addition, all potential development sites are in close proximity to nearly 75 percent of the U.S. polyols market and more than three-fourths of the automotive body and parts manufacturing and assembly facilities in the U.S.


Advantage Valley Map, 9 counties in West Virginia
Advantage Valley located in West Virginia, along the I-64 and I-79 corridors.


Transportation Assets:

Advantage Valley’s strong transportation assets create strong logistical connections between industry, customers, and supply chains.


Two Commercial Airports

Direct services to major hubs from Huntington’s Tri-State Airport and Charleston’s Yeager Airport.  The seven-county region supporting Yeager Airport has received certification as an AEROready community.  AEROready certification involves a deep analysis of property, labor, education and infrastructure to ensure a region has the capacity to support the aerospace industry. 


Advantage Valley is Aero Ready™?

What is AEROready™?
Advantage Valley counties have received the AEROready™ certification which involves analysis of site selection criteria with emphasis on the following 10 items:
Assessment of airport property, facilities, navigation equipment, runway, taxiway and available property
Availability of local training of technical skills often needed by aerospace companies
An FAA certified A&P (Airframe and Power Plant) training facility located within reasonable proximity
Available industrial building(s) or hangar(s) suitable for aviation development
An available skilled workforce suitable for aviation employment, over 70 skills analyzed
Adequate infrastructure to support the aviation industry
Aviation support service business and industry in the region
A community’s pro-business environment and ability to financially support a marketing effort
Proximity to University-based aerospace programs and research
Quality of Life assets in the region, which are essential to attracting executive talent.


Two Class I Railroads

Serviced by CSX and Norfolk Southern


Four Navigable Rivers

Ohio, Kanawha, Big Sandy and Elk rivers


Six Major Highway Systems

I-64, I-77, I-79, Route 35, Route 119 and Route 23


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Advantage Valley offers low business costs, abundant resources, a dependable labor force and high quality of life. 


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