Why Advantage Valley?

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Advantage Valley in southwestern West Virginia is a nine-county region stretching from Huntington to Charleston, forming one of the nation’s most resource-rich and business-friendly corridors.

Served by three Interstates (I-64, I-77, and I-79) and several U.S. highways with Interstate access, Advantage Valley has fast connections to key cities and markets throughout the eastern half of the nation. Busy CSX and Norfolk Southern mainlines connect the region to the continent’s rail network and ports along the Ohio River and in Virginia. The area is served by six navigable rivers with truck-to-barge capabilities, two ports, and two regional airports.

Advantage Valley’s history in industries such as coal production earned local workers (and there are 617,000 of them in our labor shed) a reputation for initiative and employer loyalty. In fact, West Virginia has the nation’s lowest manufacturing employee turnover rate. With an outstanding quality of life, a low cost of living, and competitive wages, it’s easy for local employers to draw recruits to the area. Plus, our local K-12 and postsecondary educators have long worked closely with local companies to deliver workforce training and education programs aligned with the needs of employers.

One of the many great reasons to bring your business to Advantage Valley is the wide variety of available development sites and existing buildings, all with competitive utility rates. Whether you’re seeking a downtown storefront, Class A offices, or a huge industrial facility with rail and port access, we can help you find the ideal location.

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Skilled Workforce

  • Available combined labor force of more than 500,000
  • Three colleges universities and two community and technical colleges leading the way in specialized workforce training programs with area industry partners
    • Marshall University
    • University of Charleston
    • West Virginia State University
    • BridgeValley Community and Technical College
    • MountWest Community and Technical College
Advantage Valley



Advantage Valley


Toyota Hall | BridgeValley Community & Technical College

Toyota Hall at BridgeValley Community and Technical College’s Advanced Technology Center represents an active industry-education partnership in which industry representatives sponsor class room equipment and learning, and students learn skills necessary for high-demand jobs, including those in the automotive manufacturing industry.

Advantage Valley


Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing

Located in Advantage Valley, Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing creates custom, company-specific instruction programs tailored to business needs. Through this program, students are prepared to directly enter the manufacturing industry with proper skills and training for in-demand jobs.

Advanced Research

  • Ongoing federal and commercial research investments and initiatives fostering new research & development and advanced energy innovations
  • Home of the West Virginia Regional Technology Park
    • Campus serves as a collective hub for research, education and technology
    • Focuses on developing partnership with the state’s colleges and universities
    • Promotes research in the energy and chemical industries, as well as advanced technologies
  • Region offers the Mid-Atlantic Technical Research Innovation Center which serves as a strategic innovation partner to both local and global business and industry, currently serving customers on six continents. There is a highly skilled research team onsite that is leading the way on product and process innovation.



Advantage Valley


Abundant Resources

  • Located in the center of the nation’s eastern energy industry
  • Available sites in close proximity to abundant Marcellus, Rogersville and Utica shale gas reserves, abundant Appalachian coal seams and major electronic power grids
  • Recent growth in natural gas production provides local, abundant feedstock for the region’s well-developed chemical, petrochemical and plastics industries
  • Home to plentiful water sources to meet production needs
  • Readily available supply of metals and machinery to support large-scale manufacturing operations
Advantage Valley


Advantage Valley is AEROready™ Certified by AEP

Advantage Valley is the ideal launching pad for aviation and aerospace companies, and that’s more than just hype. Our region has been certified AEROready™ by AEP based upon our extensive aviation infrastructure, skilled workforce, pro-business environment, access to university-level aerospace programs, and a long list of other factors. 


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Advantage Valley has a strong, diversified business community that serves as West Virginia’s center for the automotive, chemical/polymer, education, energy, government, healthcare and manufacturing industries.


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