Economic Gardening®

Advantage Valley has launched a program called Economic Gardening® designed to provide sophisticated technical assistance to local companies poised for growth. 

We are offering this program because nationally, more than 80% of new jobs are created by existing local businesses. Our goal is to identify and offer 45 local businesses a deliberative, research-based exercise proven to help them expand their market share, grow their business, and hire new employees. 

Advantage Valley is seeking growth-oriented companies in Boone, Cabell, Clay, Kanawha, Putnam, Lincoln, Mason, Jackson or Wayne Counties that sell to markets outside the region, have 6-100 employees, and have experienced growth 2 out of the past 5 years. Advantage Valley is offering this program for free to select companies through a partnership with the National Center for Economic Gardening (NCEG), an organization that has patented this successful approach to economic development over 20 years.

Contact your local Economic Development Authority below to see if your company can qualify for the program.

Program Details

Companies will receive 36 hours of services from the NCEG’s team of specialists. This team consists of seasoned researchers that leverage sophisticated corporate databases, GIS systems, SEO and Web marketing tools that provide the CEO with information, data and conclusions about key issues for each individual company. Following the 36 hours of research with the NCEG’s specialists, companies will be eligible to receive up to $5,000 in technical assistance to implement the recommendations received from the NCEG team. 

Program Deliverables

This program utilizes state of the art corporate tools in – Commercial Database Searching, Deep Web, GIS, Search Engine Optimization, Listening Post (consumer chatter, signals of change), Network Mapping (websites, LinkedIn, Twitter), Web Marketing and other social media. The NCEG’s team of specialists will help companies achieve their business goals by

  • Identifying qualified leads by sorting contents of extensive databases 
  • Mapping geographic areas using GIS software to facilitate targeted marketing efforts 
  • Reviewing core strategies related to commodity and/or niche markets 
  • Examining social media utilization to connect with customers 
  • Placing the company website in front of more customers using search engine optimization 
  • Analyzing employee temperament to build a strong management team 

Does Your Company Qualify?

To apply for this program. Your business must meet the following eligibility criteria: 

  • Be a for-profit, privately held company headquartered and operating in Advantage Valley, West Virginia (Boone, Cabell, Clay, Kanawha, Putnam, Lincoln, Jackson, Mason or Wayne Counties) 
  • Have between $650,000 and $50 million in annual revenue (pre-COVID-19 or in 2020) 
  • Employ between 6 and 100 employees 
  • Demonstrate growth in employment and/or revenue for 2 of the past 5 years 
  • Sell or export to markets outside of Advantage Valley 

What to Expect

  • Participation of CEO, devoting 8-12 hours over a four to six-week period, from beginning to end 
  • Access to a free temporary team assigned to your company to research business information that can help your leadership team make strategic decisions to grow the company 
  • Four phone calls throughout the course of the program to determine what decisions you are getting ready to make and what information you need to make those decisions 
  • A finished product of research results and data about markets, competitors, industry trends and qualified sales leads 
  • $5,000 in technical assistance to help implement the recommendations received from the NCEG team 
Boone County logo

Boone County

Boone County Community & Economic Development Corporation

Kris Mitchell
(304) 369-9127 

HADCO logo

Cabell County or Wayne County

Huntington Area Development Corporation

Adam Phillips
(304) 525-1161

JCDA logo

Jackson County

Jackson County Development Authority

Mark Whitley
(304) 372-1151

Naturally Lincoln, WV logo

Lincoln County

Lincoln County Economic Development Authority

Tommy Adkins
(304) 824-3838

MCDA logo

Mason County

Mason County Development Authority

John Musgrave
(304) 675-1497

PCDA logo

Putnam County

Putnam County Development Authority

Morganne Tenney
(304) 757-0318

Funding for the Economic Gardening Program is provided by the U.S. Economic Development Administration.

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