Food & Beverage

Advantage Valley has a healthy appetite for
food and beverage production


The Advantage Valley region is especially well-suited for companies involved in any aspect of food and beverage production. A key to local food and beverage success is the region’s abundant resources, from the nearly endless supply of fresh water from its six rivers, to West Virginia’s more than 3.5 million acres of farmland (including extensive production of hay, apples, corn, soybeans, poultry, and beef). There’s also a commercial-scale tomato growing operation providing raw product for distribution and value-added production. That’s why it’s no surprise that leading food and beverage companies like Tasty Blend, Bimbo Bakeries USA, Tyler Mountain Water & Coffee, and JQ Dickinson Saltworks have found a home here.

Advantage Valley’s labor shed includes 617,000 people, and West Virginia is home to more workers with food and beverage experience. Those workers and their employers benefit from workforce-focused programs at local colleges and universities, including classes in advanced manufacturing, ecology, plant biology, specialty agriculture, agribusiness management, animal and food science, horticulture, and chemical engineering.

Served by three Interstates (I-64, I-77, and I-79) and several U.S. highways with Interstate access, Advantage Valley has fast connections to key cities and markets throughout the eastern half of the nation. Our area has also long been an important rail corridor, with busy CSX and Norfolk Southern mainlines connecting the region to the continent’s rail network, and ports along the Ohio River and in Virginia. We’re served by six navigable rivers with truck-to-barge capabilities, including the Port of Huntington-Tri-State and the Jackson County Maritime & Industrial Park. Companies needing access to air service appreciate Charleston Yeager Airport’s (KCRW) 6,800-foot runway and 24/7 FBO, and Huntington Tri-State (KHTS) has a 7,000-foot runway and Aeroplex capable of handling heavy air freight. Both airports have nonstop commercial travel to many cities, and Advantage Valley is served by many general aviation airports.

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