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Advantage Valley is Fertile Soil for Growth-Minded Entrepreneurs

Advantage Valley has always been a great place to start or grow a small business, and our team provides a wealth of resources to small business owners and entrepreneurs alike. Our FASTER WV (Fostering Advantages for Start-Ups & Entrepreneurial Resurgence in WV) initiative is here to identify, encourage, and support businesses like yours through a series of information-packed webinars and other helpful resources.

Advantage Valley

Bryan Shaw

Director of Entrepreneurial Development

(304) 352-1165
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Advantage Valley

Barbie Wood

FASTER WV Business Coach

(304) 633-4829
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Unlimited Future

Jules Bills

FASTER WV Business Coach

(304) 697-3007
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Future of Nursing WV Action Coalition

Contact: Dr. Laure Marino

(304) 419-1300

Next Future of Nursing: Nursing Entrepreneurship Course: To Be Determined

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Center for Rural Health Development Resources:

Contact: Rob Dearing at the Center for Rural Health Development

(304) 397-4071

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