Jesse Brown is an outdoor enthusiast. He is the last generation standing proudly on Ivy Mountain; he is the legacy his family has been waiting on; and he is the proud owner of Ivy Adventure, a lodging destination in Sod, WV, catering to the outdoor community visiting the Hatfield McCoy trail systems in southern West Virginia and the Little Coal River. Jesse plans to bring Ivy Adventure to the forefront of the industry by providing the most convenient location ~ with the best value ~ and most unique and appealing amenities.

After a long and successful career in the engineering corporate world, living far from his West Virginia roots and an old family “cabin” that held strong memories for him on inherited land, Jesse realized it was time to come back “home.”  When the Hatfield McCoy Regional Recreation Authority announced it would opened its Ivy Branch Trailhead, Jesse decided this was the time to come back and work on his camping and glamping business on the property that was so near and dear to him, a dream that had eluded him for so many years.

Jesse received some one-on-one business coaching and help revising and perfect his lengthy business plan through the FASTER WV Program. He then received a $50,000 FASTER WV loan to assist in the preparation of his property; the remodeling cost of 2 cabins, 1 RV camper, 1 bath house / office re-purpose; and construction of 5 safari tents!  Work progresses ~ and soon we can all rent and enjoy his cabins in the woods!