Mary and Travis Smith sure know how to gather friends and family for food and fun!  Their small business started as a result of hanging out on the weekends and hosting barbecues.  They were serving up delicious sauce.  Friends started asking for jars to take home with them.  The Smiths started producing more and more sauces and would pass it out in mason jars.  They did this for a number of years until they decided to take the leap and establish their business ~ and name it Tipsy Roo’s.

Tipsy Roo’s isn’t your ordinary barbecue sauce brand.  Mary and Travis incorporate alcohol into their flavorful recipes.  They sell the original bourbon B.U.I. (Barbecue Under the Influence) Sauce and added Plastered Peach to their offerings in 2022.  This year, they hope to add 3 new recipes to the lineup.

This company is taking a “spirited” approach to making barbecue sauces. Contrary to the company’s name, this sauce will not get you intoxicated and is a welcome addition to your next family cookout.

Being new business owners, they found that everyday was a learning experience because there were so many challenges to starting and operating a growing business. “Tyler Brandstetter and FASTER WV helped us tremendously with learning everything from processes of production to introducing us to resources and people at various stages of the business that helped us scale,” said Mary. “We’ve been fortunate to have classes and coaching available to us so that we continue to develop skills as business owners.”  The Smiths received help writing their business plan and were successful in landing an equipment and inventory FASTER WV Mini Grant. “This grant has been a turning point for our business,” says Mary.

These entrepreneurs are no strangers to hard work ~ and are thankful for every customer!  Currently, Tipsy Roo’s Sauces are available for purchase in over 40 stores in West Virginia!

To purchase sauce online, visit their website at!

Grab a bottle because it’s time to get Tipsy!

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