Sam Perry’s journey into entrepreneurship began with a fervent passion for tabletop wargaming, an enthusiasm that led him to embark on the creation of Tabletop Stronghold, a venture that has since carved its niche in the market of high-quality, handcrafted model cases and MDF kits.

Tabletop Stronghold swiftly gained recognition for its meticulously designed laser-cut wood and acrylic carry cases, tailored to meet the unique demands of transporting and displaying miniature tabletop wargame pieces and armies. Through a dedicated commitment to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, Sam Perry’s brainchild soon emerged as a beacon of innovation and reliability within the gaming community.

The entrepreneurial journey of young Sam Perry and his brainchild, Tabletop Stronghold, has witnessed a remarkable trajectory of success in a very short period of time.  He has crafted, sold and shipped over 1500 cases nationwide and to locations as far away as New Zealand and Singapore! Sam is just 21 years of age and his LLC business started officially in 2022.

Sam Perry’s unwavering dedication to delivering unparalleled quality and personalized service has allowed Tabletop Stronghold to grow and expand its footprint. Despite early setbacks of a small workshop in his family home’s basement and financial challenges, Sam Perry’s entrepreneurial spirit remained unyielding. Early on, he worked a short while at UPS to secure funds for his first laser cutter, underscoring his tenacity and resourcefulness. Armed with determination and a vision, Sam, at such a young age, began transforming his a modest basement workspace into the heart of his entrepreneurial venture.

Operating on a shoestring budget and driven by an unwavering commitment to financial independence, Sam steered his startup without incurring any debt. He meticulously reinvested profits into the acquisition of laser cutters, a strategic move that underlined his astute business acumen and foresight. Juggling various roles within the company, Sam adeptly managed the entire process, from securing orders and crafting cases to ensuring the smooth functioning of the business, exhibiting an entrepreneurial prowess that belied his age.

The transition from the family basement/garage to a dedicated workshop in St. Albans marked a significant milestone in the evolution of Tabletop Stronghold. However, fate dealt a severe blow when a devastating fire ravaged the newly established workshop, leaving in its wake a trail of destruction that included the loss of substantial inventory, critical laser cutting equipment, and essential computer hardware. The setback disrupted the business’s momentum, challenging Sam’s resilience and resolve.

In the wake of the fire, Sam rallied and demonstrated a remarkable display of resilience and perseverance. He found solace and guidance in the supportive network provided by FASTER WV, a vital resource that played a critical role in his business’s resurgence. Needing guidance, Sam turned to Tyler Brandstetter, his FASTER WV business coach, for indispensable coaching during a time of profound turmoil. They worked through the process of rebuilding and recovery.  With Tyler’s assistance, Sam was able to explore and leverage available loan resources.  Sam found Tyler’s mentorship and support pivotal in overcoming his adversity. Rebuilding from the ashes, Sam channeled his determination and unwavering spirit to resurrect Tabletop Stronghold, transforming the setback into a catalyst for renewed growth and innovation.

Amid the collective efforts to resurrect Tabletop Stronghold, Sam’s mother’s resourceful initiative on Kickstarter served as the first familial support that underpinned the business’s resurgence. Complementing this support, the acquisition of a $120,000 loan from Partner Community Capital emerged as the cornerstone that enabled Sam to inject life back into his business operations. Empowered by this injection of financial support, Sam Perry harnessed the capital to reinvigorate his business.

Sam is well on track now to complete and soon sell 1500 more Tabletop Stronghold kits, as a result of his incredible discipline and sustained effort over the past five months. Production and marketing are back in high gear, positioning Tabletop Stronghold for its next surge of success. Interested in learning more?  Give Sam a call or place an order today!

FASTER WV would like to congratulate Sam on the success of his small business!