Advantage Valley has affordable office space
and the skilled people to staff it


Companies seeking well-connected locations for regional corporate offices and major back-office operations will find plenty to like in Advantage Valley. For starters, office space is significantly more affordable here. Class A space averages about $20/square foot, with Class B about half that. Our cost of labor is also significantly lower than the national average, but productivity and employer loyalty tend to be much higher.

Our area’s business-friendly climate and low electricity and telecom rates reduce the cost of doing business, and our two regional airports offer fast access to major metro areas via nonstop commercial flights, as well as full corporate aviation services. That’s why our list of local companies is a blue-chip roster, with names like Core10, Infor, Revolver, N3, Encova Insurance, Amazon, AT&T, Ticketmaster, and CASCI.

Advantage Valley’s labor shed includes 617,000 people. Those workers and their employers benefit from workforce-focused programs at local colleges and universities, including classes in accounting and finance, management, computer and information technology, graphic and multimedia design, computer systems repair, organizational leadership, and cybersecurity.

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