Advantage Valley is a well-connected setting for the ICT industry


Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have proven to be a great equalizer, making it possible for companies to thrive far from the traditional centers of commerce, and Advantage Valley is the perfect example. Our low cost of doing business — including remarkably affordable space, wages, utilities, and telecom — plus the excellent quality of life and delightfully low cost of living have drawn and growing number of ICT leaders to our area.

There is plenty of room for additional growth in areas such as processing and hosting, computer systems design, tech start-ups, software development, R&D, and more — and the diversity of the sector ensures ITC companies can find the expertise and resources they need locally. Plus, natural disasters are rare in our area, helping data storage and similar facilities protect their customers.

Huntington is home to Core10, a fintech provider focused on banking and lending that recognized West Virginia’s potential for growth and knew they didn’t have to operate in an expensive market to employ top talent. They’ve joined the many ICT leaders doing business here, among them Alpha Technology, Advantage Technology, Infor, N3, Resolver, and Oktana.

Advantage Valley’s labor shed includes 617,000 people, with the local tech sector one of the fastest-growing employment areas. Those workers and their employers benefit from workforce-focused programs at local colleges and universities, including classes in computer and information technology, coding, cybersecurity and forensics, databasing, mobile app development, special computing, system networking, virtual reality, computer systems repair, and computer engineering.

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